Tailors Atelier of NY is close by, even if you aren’t. Our mail order alterations and repair services have been very successful, and many have taken advantage. Whether you are traveling or live outside the local area, just send your repairs and alterations directly to us. We will provide the same level of quality and care that our walk-in customers experience. Simply let us know your needs, and when we receive your items, we will repair or alter them and return them by mail right to your doorstep.

Our experienced and pleasant team would be happy to talk about your needs, provide pricing and explain the process. To take advantage of this great service, or simply mail the items with a description of work requested and contact information.  We will call you when we receive the items to discuss the project and give a final price.  Quick, convenient, and affordable, consider our mail order service today!

How it works:  Mail your item, we assess the work to be done and call you with a price plus shipping and handling.  You can send a money order with your items or we can process payment over the phone, then we work on your items and send them back to you.  If you are kind enough to send a self-addressed, pre-paid, return mail sticker with your items you will not be charged for shipping and handling.  We are currently working on an on-line payment process to make things easier for you.