Tailors Atelier has professional and highly experienced tailors from all over the world that can exceed your expectation in altering and repairing your leather items in NYC. We are so proud to inform you that we have over 30 years experience doing men’s custom alteration and therefore, we can comfortably customize your leather products to fit your most desired design. We offer leather alteration for all types of garment including pants, coats, jackets, skirts, shirts, vest and much more

Leather Resizing and Color Restoration

Do not worry anymore because our most qualified leather alterations specialists will help you restore the original color of your leather jacket or handbag that has already faded. What is more, tailors Atelier has professional tailors who always perform incredible alterations to leather items that have become either too big or too small. Therefore, do not throw away or give out your most favorite jacket simply because it no longer fits you since our talented leather tailors are here to fix such problems.

New Leather Alteration

Our professional tailors will help you replace the ripped piece if you happen to tear your leather with a new one. The Tailors Atelier specialists are here to exceed your expectation because they have specialized in high-end leather jackets and coats repairs and alterations.

Zipper Replacement and Repair

In case the zip of your favorite coat gets damaged, do not worry because our diligent and committed tailors will fix it. We can either repair or replace the damaged zipper or buckle with a perfect match of your leather item

Lining Repair

Our talented tailors will repair or replace the worn out lining of your leather coat, jacket, leather skirts, shirts, vest or any other leather garment comfortably. Feel free to contact us anytime you need such services, and we can assure you that you will leave our premises smiling for exceeding your expectation

Place your trust with us, and we will offer you a range of leather alliteration. Our well trained, highly experienced and professional tailors are ready to serve you and are very committed to helping you do leather resizing, sleeve repair, skin replacing, lining repair and replacement and even the sued alteration services. To enjoy our services, visit our store or contact one of our leather specialists, and you will have your leather alteration needs satisfied exceeding your expectation