Fur Alterations requires an expertise professional furrier with experience and skills. Special needles and threads that are specifically designed for the unique properties of fur are also a necessity. At Tailors Atelier, we have specialized tools as well as experienced and skilled furriers who work with your fur garment to bring the best out of them. The full service repair and alteration of a fur garment cannot be performed by unskilled personnel as they can destroy your garment beyond repair. That is why, we the Tailor Atelier employ expertise in this field to ensure that your fur garments are not only repaired, but they can be altered to bring out a perfect garment of your choice. Our experienced staff can transform your old fur coat into a scarf or a gilet. The staffs can also adjust the length of the sleeve, shorten the hem, and move the fasteners to give the customer the perfect fit of their garment.

The most common types of  special attention repairs on fur include rips and tears, and we advise our customers to ensure that the rips and tears are fixed as soon as possible by experienced and specialized fur alteration staffs like Tailor Atelier before they become major problems. If there are signs of wear and tear on the lining of your fur, it is advisable to choose a new lining that we will expertly and perfectly hand sew into your fur. Giving your fur garment timely attention to repair helps in keeping the garment in top notch condition.

Our Uniqueness

The prices of fur repair and alterations vary, but what keeps our customers coming back are the fair and affordable prices at which we charge our clients. Do not throw away that fur garment due to tear or wear as our experts at Tailor Atelier can remodel and redesign the garment into something that will leave you in awe. We employ one-on-one- consultation with our customers and more so work closely with you to ensure we personalize and customize your garment according to your preferred design and desire. Our most qualified professional tailors advise you on the best way to repair or alter your garment. Sometimes even simple fur alterations can turn out to be complex, and therefore, we advise you only to trust the Tailor Atelier specialists who are experienced and skilled furriers with your fur repairs and alterations. Come to us and we will make you look and feel gorgeous and comfortable.