The date is set, the invitations have been sent, and preparations are well under way. You even have the perfect dress picked out — or, that is, it will be perfect, with just that little bit extra. That’s where our bridal alterations specialists at Tailors Atelier comes in.

Why Do I Need Bridal Alterations?

In fashion, as they say, fit is everything. This is never more true than with your wedding dress. After all, you wear it on the most important day of your life, so by extension it’s one of the most important pieces of clothing you’ll ever wear. Ensuring proper fit will ensure you look as good in that dress as you’re going to feel in your special moment. Aside from fit, our expert tailors can also make whatever modifications you desire, from adding sleeves to a strapless dress, swapping a zipper for a lace corset back, and more.

Why Tailors Atelier?

At Tailors Atelier, we know the difference between simply altering a garment, and working closely with a client to ensure that garment fits perfectly and looks exactly as they want it to. With 30 years of experience behind us, you rest easy knowing your bridal alterations are in the right hands. We’re so confident that we offer a 15-day guarantee on our work, which you can inquire about at your appointment. Speaking of which…

Okay, You’ve Sold Me; Now What?

The first step is to book an appointment for a FREE 30-minute consultation. An additional consultation charge of $40/half hour applies, but those first 30 minutes should be more than enough to establish your needs and for you to determine if Tailors Atelier is right for you. Please note that for Monday-Friday appointments, you can use the convenient online booking system. To book a Saturday appointment, please call the store during regular hours.

Even if your wedding is looming just on the horizon, don’t be afraid to get in touch. As long as we have thirty days before the date, we’ll do our best to try and squeeze your fitting in! When it comes to the fitting, make sure you bring your shoes; that way we know our work will look exactly the same on the day itself as it does in the studio! Tailors Atelier offer extremely competitive pricing, and accepts cash or credit card.